Fourth Avenue Residences Next to Sixth Avenue MRT Station and Schools

Fourth Avenue Residences New Development at Six Avenue MRT Station. The place seems unique due to where it is located. You will find right in the center of Bukit Timah. Here, you will find various high-status educational institutions and schools also. The place is mostly preferred for residential development due to the accessibility of the Six Avenue MRT.

The place was effectively purchased by Allgreen Properties contractor. This was all after the developer successfully got a bid value of $553M in a less economical way since there were only a few competitors. It is however noble to note that the bidding of the Forth Avenue Residences failed to meet its prospects due to the neighboring Royalville site which was really selling.

Social amenities near the Fourth Avenue Residences

For sure, if you need an area with convenient facilities and services, then the Fourth Avenue Residences has more to offer. The place is a clear symbol of suitability whereby you will get many shopping centers of your choice. You will, therefore, have a lot of choices to make in what you need to buy.
The Fourth Avenue Residences Shopping points

Since this residential development area is situated along 6 Avenue MRT station, you will conveniently access a variety of Shopping Centers.

Fourth Avenue Residences Educational institutions

The place has got many prestigious schools surrounding it. Here, you will find some of the most outstanding academic institutions such as the Nanyang School for lower primary, the Raffles girls school and the famous college of Hwa Chong. Here you are assured of quality education for your kids

Fourth Avenue Residences Facilities

The place if fully packed with various facilities meant for your entertainment. You will be able to access facilities such as a kid’s playground, a sun deck, guard house, indoor gym, clubhouse, a gym a swimming pool and many others. The residences facilities will provide full entertainment features for your loved ones.

The Sixth Avenue MRT Station

If you want to access the Fourth Avenue Residence, it is situated at the heart of Sixth Avenue MRT Station. For those who prefer to travel on buses, you will get a number of them on the roads of Dunearn and Bukit Timah. For those traveling to the city for the first time, the residential place is situated along the Pan Island. The place is also surrounded by high-status schools such as the National junior college and the Nanyang girls.

Hwa Chong Institution

The Hwa Chong Institution is an independent Chinese-based institution that is located in Singapore and offers secondary as well as pre-university education. It is among the famous national junior colleges in Singapore. This institution operates under SAP, a Special Assistance Plan for bilingualism. It offers both integrated program and School-based Gifted Education program. This school’s performance is excellent, and it has managed to take students to the University of Cambridge as well as Oxford University.


History of Hwa Chong Institution near to Sixth Avenue MRT Station


This institution is a merger of two previously affiliated schools which are the Hwa Chong Junior College and The Chinese High School. On January 1st, 2005, these two schools merged to form the Hwa Chong Institution with an objective to offer the Integrated Programme that lasts six years.

Students who pass the Integrated Programme are allowed to sit for an advanced level examination called Singapore-Cambridge GCE exam. This is an examination that any student from any national junior college in Singapore sits for. In spite of the fusion, the high school is still a boys-only institution. However, the college section is a co-educational institution that accepts students from Nanyang Girls under the IP programme.

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