8 St Thomas District 09 Freehold Tenure at Great World City

The 8 St Thomas is a freehold Condo that came into existence after its developers – Bukit Sembawang Estates- bought and combined 2 developments: the Air-view Towers that consisted of 100 freehold units and the Chez Bright Apartments that had 464 freehold units. The Bukit Sembawang Estates 8 St Thomas have constructed more than 2500 residential sites and the Thomas freehold tenure is among this statistic. This developer later received the BCA ISO 9000 certificate award in construction project management Services – a record for constructing high-quality homes – hence affirming that the 8 St. Thomas, being constructed by them shall be a place worth renting and calling home.

8 St Thomas District 09 Freehold Tenure

Located at the Great World city at St Thomas walk in District 09, 8 St Thomas freehold tenure features 2 blocks that have 250 residential units in total. 1 block has 35 storeys and the other block has 36 storeys. Its a natural, exclusive and beautiful facade that has several sky gardens overlooking the city center area. For the purposes of entertainment, the condo is built with exclusive lounge areas that help residents to behold the glory of the surrounding environment.

8 St Thomas Residential site

This residential site 8 Saint Thomas is based at the heart of the Great world City, hence well centralized. It also has several amenities so as to suit and meet the needs of all its residents. Located next to Great world City MRT station, the condo greatly suits residents who love a serene environment. Other neighboring shop eateries, orchards and supermarkets like the NTUC Fair Price makes the condo a place that shall suit residents who enjoy luxurious walks and the vicinity of living in the core of a city. Those looking for residential homes with bigger spaces are also covered since 8 St Thomas has superb penthouses. Not forgetting the food centers and entertainment outlets, Thomas tenure is very convenient for everyday necessities hence a convenient and reliable place to stay. Nonetheless, for families having schooling children, the property has enough neighboring highly-ranked educational institutions.

8 St Thomas Showflat Freehold Tenure

8 St Thomas showflat is to be launched in 2018 and its pricing details reviewed. Buyers interested in the freehold tenure can move to the condo immediately after the purchase. What are you still waiting for? Contact the team from 8 St Thomas for more information on the freehold tenure. The property will be worth every coin spent on it. Extend your living standard beyond the environment of a home and move into this recreational residential site that will suit your needs and the budget of your pockets too!!

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